Learning through Play Training - Teacher Jeska shares her perspective

The training, according to teacher Jeska, has made her gain knowledge that will ease her work especially in managing some of her classes that composed of 300 pupils.

May 13, 2024

A teacher reads through the Learning through Play workbook during the training.

Thirty-six kilometres southwest of Imvepi Refugee Settlement in Terego district, is Alengu Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD). Like other ECDs within refugee settlements in Uganda, Alengu faces numerous challenges, some related to the large classes, mostly from the refugee community.

Jeska is a lead caregiver at the ECD that hosts between 800 and 900 learners. The numbers reach 300 learners per room in sections like baby class. “As a caregiver, managing many children in class is challenging. You cannot reach each learner and for them to understand easily because they are all over the classroom,” Jeska said.

Teacher Training

Jeska and her colleagues interact with Six Bricks during the training.

In January, the PlayMatters project carried out teacher training on Learning through Play across its project locations. During the training, teachers were trained on how to integrate Learning through Play principles in their lesson planning and delivery for young learners. With intentionality, teachers design contextually relevant and age-appropriate playful experiences, aligning them with clear learning objectives. Additionally, they receive training on incorporating Six Bricks as valuable
learning tools within the classroom.

Jeska is one of the 160 teachers in her location who, together with 1,871 teachers received foundational training on LtP. “I really love the training because it talks about a lot of play and indeed in the ECDs, we introduce our lessons and our activities using play. I am sure children will learn."

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Further, Jeska says the knowledge she gained from the training will ease her work. “This is the best way that a child can learn. If I have the teaching and learning materials at hand, I can group the learners, enabling me to walk around and guide them as they play with the materials,” she said.

Teacher Training

Philister Osoru, Senior Manager PlayMatters Terego speaking to participants.

Implemented by the International Rescue Committee and consortium partners - Plan International, WarChild Holland, Behaviour Insights Team and Innovations for Poverty Action with funding from The LEGO Foundation, the PlayMatters project operates in nine refugee-hosting districts in Uganda. These include Lamwo, Adjumani, Madi-Okollo, Obongi, Terego, Yumbe, Isingiro, Kyegegwa, and Kikuube, targeting 350,000 children in refugee settlements and host communities.

Throughout the year, regular follow-ups with schools are conducted to provide ongoing support for teachers in enhancing their lesson delivery.

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